Seamless Migration from Traditional to Online Platform


    One of our key Pharmaceutical clients with offices across the globe was expanding its business. With the foreseeable organic rise in travel spends, our client was concerned about the cost escalation arising from

  • last minute bookings &
  • time lag in fulfilment due to the mandatory active approval policy. They consulted us to formulate a strategy to scale up the travel program effectiveness in terms of compliance management, cost effectiveness and traveler delight.

    We recommended our client to embrace our in-house customized and robust online booking tool (OBT). The emphasis was laid on the following:

  • Empower the traveler/travel arranger to mandatorily carry out domestic air bookings on the OBT.
  • Replace the active approval with passive approval in the travel policy for domestic bookings.
  • Assign pre-defined reason codes for ‘out of policy’ exceptional approvals.
  • Manage a detailed implementation & change management program for a seamless transition.

    Our client aligned with us on the change and realized the following benefits in the first year:

  • Over 65% domestic online adoption within the first eight months of the roll out.
  • 100% compliance due to online bookings.
  • 6% cost reduction on the overall air travel spend due to improved advance purchase behavior and introduction of passive approval policy (on domestic bookings).
  • Reduction in ‘out of policy exceptional approvals’ by 40%.
  • 35% reduction in TMC service fees.
  • Empowered traveler/travel arranger for online booking administration through behavior change.
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