RBT Cliq

RBTs self-booking tool is highly configurable and caters to complex client’s travel policy requirements. It can be easily accessed on desktop, tabs and mobile. The tool allows the users to handle the entire trip i.e. booking air tickets, hotels, car rentals and more. The tool also provides users with a single screen rate comparison for air and hotel bookings. Our SBT has an uptime of 100%, the best available in the industry. To ensure a seamless online trip experience, we provide an online navigational level 1 and level 2 support. As a flexible approach, RBT has also reseller agreements with Traform, Happay and Concur Expense. RBT is open to facilitating the online booking tools of clients under the Direct Agreement.

GST Tracker

Forgetting to pay taxes can be very worry-some. Our in-built GST tool is in the process of being developed and will keep users updated about time and amount of tax to be filed. Moreover, the tool will fetch and notify our clients about other pending airline invoices as well.

API integration

Creating your own travel tool has never been easy and accordingly RBT is capable to source third party contents through API integrations, subject to feasibility. With API integration, users can organize content as per their business needs and travel policy compliance. Users can get access to multiple feeds making it easier to choose the right options.

Visa Tracker

To enhance the user experience, RBT keeps upgrading itself with the latest technology One such tool is the Visa Tracker. The tool provides real-time updates to the user about his or her visa status. Once the visa status is updated, the user will receive an auto-generated instantly.

Duty of Care

In today’s global travel environment, we know it is important for large companies to comply with duty of care and responsibilities and protect its employees from unnecessary risk of harm. Learn how our Risk Management team proactively monitors global events and Tracks, Advises and Alerts our customers.


Track, locate, contact and assist travellers during any untowards incidence. Riya e -Travel Tracker is designed for corporates to comply with Duty of Care, quickly locate, contact and assist employees globally. Helps you to track where your employees are. This dashboard provides your office with the ability to easily locate and contact travellers affected by an emergency event along with their contact information.


Receive early warnings of any disruptions or any travel requirements on the go. Riya e - Advisories helps your traveller through early warnings of disruptions. Help them avoid or minimise the impact of their safety and productivity. Helps you by providing critical data and knowledge, and serves as a key touch point to develop pre-trip information and a plan for making immediate changes to travel if disaster strikes.


These alerts keep your employees informed with the latest events, alerts, news and warnings. Travellers are notified with latest breaking alerts via email, the moment there is any disruptive event at a given destination. One can choose up to 5 email addresses to which this alert can be sent. This would help an organisation reduce the number of travel related incidents, decreasing operational risks and costs while improving employee peace of mind.